21 August

Australia Delivery

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After cruising their Farr 40 annually between Sydney and Tasmania, the new owners of Outbound 46 hull 57, are now setting their sights on New Zealand and points north.

21 August
Allora, an Outbound 46

Allora gets ready

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Delivered to Oakland in June, Allora, an Outbound 46 sporting our new hard dodger option, gets ready for Mexico and points west.

3 May

Class of 2015

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Our strongest class yet … 8 new Outbound 46 yachts slated for delivery in 2015, offering rare opportunities to see new Outbounds in Oakland, Florida, New England, and Australia. Please contact us to arrange a showing in your area.

11 February

Cape Horn

Congratulations to Ned and Carol Backus … first Outbound around Cape Horn.

5 February

Blue Water Sailing revisits the Outbound 46

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Blue Water Sailing Magazine revisits the Outbound 46 after 15 years.

Going strong after 15 years, this venerable passagemaker still might be the perfect couples blue water cruiser.

The Outbound team hit the mark by building a boat that would end up being well behaved and comfortable at sea and a pleasure to liveaboard.

With the boat well balanced, the helm had just the right amount of weather to it as I made minor adjustments to keep the tell tales flowing.

After sailing the boat with them [Outbound owners], it was easy to see why they were smitten with the design and build qualities that the Outbound presents.

Please contact us to receive a copy.

31 August

Hard Dodger

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New for 2015 is a hard dodger.