The Outbound does not rely on light construction for its performance. Its sailing parameters are optimized for solid fiberglass construction strengthened by a massive structure. The weight of this strength is offset with a long waterline, moderate beam, easily driven lines, and proper weight distribution.

The hull is 100% hand-laid solid fiberglass and the deck is vacuum bagged Divinycel for maximum rigidity. Blister resistant vinylester resin and Ashland Maxguard premium grade ISO-NPG gelcoat will guarantee a hull of lasting beauty. Biaxial fiberglass knit and extra reinforcements in the bow and bilge sections offer superb impact resistance. In the unlikely event the hull is penetrated, a watertight bulkhead is placed 7 feet from the bow.

The keel is laminated with the hull, eliminating the need for keel bolts. 6500 pounds of lead ballast is then inserted into the fin, followed by a 3500 lead bulb attached transversely, a unique system pioneered by Outbound Yachts 20 years ago.

The Outbound 46 construction is unlike most of today’s mass produced production boats. Each Outbound is individually strengthened with massive hand laminated floors, longitudinals, and stringers … not a mass produced drop-in liner. In addition to the added structural integrity, this allows for custom interior arrangements and easy access to the hull itself. Bulkheads are securely bonded to the hull and deck, on their entire perimeter. All “furniture” is carefully tabbed in place, adding strength and rigidity to the entire structure.

The hull and deck come together in an inward flange that is securely bonded with 3M 5200 polyurethane adhesive/sealant, thru-bolted on 4 inch centers, and finished with your choice of an aluminum or teak toe rail.