One could not dream of a better sailing boat than WHIM for a cruising couple. In light air she’s responsive and slips easily through the water. She takes advantage of slight puffs and continues to coast through the lulls. When the wind and chop pipes up, she’s stiff, steady, and fast with the 115% working jib, and big flat main sail. She powers through the lumps and tacks smartly maintaining excellent boat speed. All this happens without any fretting or fuss.

Every detail of her deck, cockpit, and interior is so well thought out and beautifully designed, crafted, and finished.

After shopping for the right sailing boat for more than two years and looking at all the options we can say without question that WHIM is simply heads above all other semi-custom yachts we considered.Jack and Karen Sumnerowners of the Outbound 46 “Whim”

The Outbound 46 was designed by the late Carl Schumacher (1949-2002), designer of the Alerion Express 28, Oyster’s Lightwave 48, the Express 27 and 37, and a large stable of custom racing yachts. We selected Carl for one reason …. he drew boats that sailed great. Schumacher successfully combined the moderate displacement required for cruising comfort with an efficient underbody needed to beat the weather, upwind performance, and excellent control.

Outbound 46 Dimensions
LOA: 46’04” Sail Area: 1083
DWL: 40’3″ Water: 200gal.
Beam: 13’6″ Fuel: 190gal.
Draft: 6’6″/5’6″ SA/Disp: 18.75
Disp.: 28,500(light) Disp/Length: 189
Ballast: 10,000 (w/ 3500# bulb) Beam/Length: 3.3
Bridge Clearance 64′ LPS (IMS) 127 degrees