Outbound 52

Offshore Performance & Liveaboard Comfort

Forget the “layer cakes” with mile high cockpits and steep companionways. The Outbound 52 sports clean lines, moderate displacement, low freeboard, a low cockpit, a three-step companionway, and push button sailing, not to mention the sweetest helm you’ll find on any yacht, cruising or racing.

At Outbound Yachts we tackle safety from a performance and ergonomic point of view … yachts that can get out of their own way, not to mention adverse weather, and that fight fatigue with simple systems and excellent ergonomics are simply safer for the cruising couple. Add construction with the finest materials and a beautiful hand-crafted interior, and you’ll have a fun, safe, and comfortable yacht that will be the envy of any anchorage.

Critical to our design was a yacht that can be handled by a cruising couple with ease. To Outbound this means moderate displacement, a low cockpit, and a short companionway. The result is a comfortable, easy to handle, and safe offshore passagemaker. The cockpit is deep with the sole approximately 16 inches closer to the waterline than other center cockpit designs. The short companionway makes the cockpit an extension of the interior with easy and safe access. The salon is “semi-raised” offering a bright and airy interior.

The semi-raised salon also provides space for tanks under the salon sole, in the center of the boat, putting weight where it should be and opening up stowage under settees and bunks. Four 225 amp AGM batteries are also centrally located over the low CG bulb keel.

Outbound 52 Partial Line Drawing

In the works … the Outbound 52 Aft Cockpit.  Download the brochure.

Adding to our fatigue fighting philosophy, great emphasis is placed on system simplicity and access. A work bench ensures that the generous galley counters are reserved for cooking.

“for all its lush and allure and flawless finish, the interior reflects the sound philosophy of allowing form to follow function…”

Cruising World

“With the boat zipping along I made my way below. With no creaks, groans or moans it was like stepping into a library. It was also bright, which has a wonderful psychological impact on the crew when the going turns tough”

Sailing Magazine