“The Outbound is a fabulous boat. She’s fast, well balanced, and the details are right. She’s a terrific boat for going to sea…”

Bill Biewenga4 time round the world race veteran after a transatlantic delivery

“We have just completed a 400 mile passage from the Tasman Peninsula on the SE corner of Tasmania to Eden on the SE corner of NSW. We usually do this passage over a week or two with day sails, but a weather window opened for down wind and reach sailing all the way with winds in the 20-25kn range. So, short on time, we decided to take it. We had 18hrs down wind poled out plus Solent, then shifting to a broad reach for much of the trip. Bass Strait is notorious for fairly rough conditions and for about 24hrs we had 2m to 3m swells and wind waves from 3 directions making it pretty unpleasant. The Outbound performs incredibly well in all conditions. It is quite amazing that after setting the course and the sails, the boat looks after itself and her crew with virtually no intervention. Even when the wind pipes up +50%, she does not complain. Good watch keeping practice dictates that someone should always be on watch, but there are times when we are in low traffic areas and I can take naps relying on AIS and radar alarms, with complete confidence in the boat – even with auto-pilot steering down wind while poled out. This was rarely possible with our previous boat. The Outbound feels very solid and pushes through most seas with ease. We regularly get real 8’s and 9’s with 20+ apparent (and up to 16kn surfing the swells).. At the end of a long passage we have the usual weariness from lack of good sleep, but never physically exhausted due to the demands of managing the boat.
The attached picture shows Suzanne at the bow enjoying one of our rare motoring passages as we approach the Hole in the Wall between the Tasman Peninsula and Tasman Island, more time to appreciate the stunning scenery!
Thanks for building us such a great boat. ”

Chris DalyChris and Susan have cruised the difficult waters of southern Australia and Tasmania for over 15 years. They extended their cruising timeline with the purchase of their comfortable new 46 in 2015.

“On our recent maiden voyage with Evensong everywhere we went people would ask about the boat. Experienced sailors knew the boat’s reputation and dreamed of getting one some day. The experience was very gratifying for a new boat owner, confirming our own assessments.”

Jan Heller, Evensong

“Whim continues to be one of the best purchase decisions we have ever made. Every time we go out we are reminded again of what a wonderful craft she is. ”

Jack Sumner, Whim

“Frannie B performed very well; good daily mileage, comfortable, dry and trouble free. Truly a “Dream Machine.”

Ned and Carolsailed around the world with their son and daughter on a Cal 39 in the 90s and are now retiring on their Outbound 44 with a cruise around South America.

“When running before 50 knots and BIG seas we were thankful to be in a boat that tracked beautifully but could also be maneuvered through the waves when needed. The boat is forgiving, comfortable, safe, and fun to sail.”

Larry Garber, TRADITIONThe Garbers had already been cruising for 13 years before buying their Outbound.

“An elegant blend of sensibility and sophistication…”
“for all its lush and allure and flawless finish, the interior reflects the sound philosophy of allowing form to follow function…”

Cruising World

“One could not dream of a better sailing boat than WHIM for a cruising couple. In light air she’s responsive and slips easily through the water. She takes advantage of slight puffs and continues to coast through the lulls. When the wind and chop pipes up, she’s stiff, steady, and fast with the 115% working jib, and big flat main sail. She powers through the lumps and tacks smartly maintaining excellent boat speed. All this happens without any fretting or fuss.
Every detail of her deck, cockpit, and interior is so well thought out and beautifully designed, crafted, and finished.

After shopping for the right sailing boat for more than two years and looking at all the options we can say without question that WHIM is simply heads above all other semi-custom yachts we considered.”

Jack and Karen Sumnerowners of the Outbound 46 “Whim”

“With the boat zipping along I made my way below. With no creaks, groans or moans it was like stepping into a library. It was also bright, which has a wonderful psychological impact on the crew when the going turns tough”

Sailing Magazine