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True seagoing vessels need safe cockpits that crew can feel secure in any condition. Quality live aboard cruising yachts rely on comfortable cockpits for owners to enjoy on the hook with guests or offshore. The balance of these worlds is struck perfectly, yet differently, in each Outbound.

The Outbound 46, a proven classic, is the basis for the cockpits on the 521 and the 5360. The 46 cockpit is large for a 46 foot vessel and was designed as a true, no compromise, aft cockpit sailboat. Sitting low in the boat the motion in this cockpit is comfortable. The high combing forward allow crew the opportunity to be secure under the hard dodger but still close enough to assist the helmsperson. The ergonomics of the helm seating make it possible for the pilot to sit on the low side. This position allows for perfect visibility forward and of the sail trim. The final magic of the 46 cockpit is that the bishop’s seat lowers to give unrestricted access to the sugar scoop transom. The continued success of the Outbound 46 can be attributed to many of her features, but the cockpit is certainly among the world's best.

Most center cockpit are criticized and rightly so, because they look like “wedding cakes”. In order to create interior volume center cockpits have traditionally been built from the deck level up. This, added to the trend of higher freeboard, has seen a generation of vessels that sacrifice beautiful lines and safe cockpits for interior space. The Outbound 521 cockpit is seamlessly incorporated into her house, accentuating, instead of taking, from her beautiful sheer. The cockpit itself is deep, with winches an easy reach from nearly any position. The interior is impacted in a positive manner as the passageway galley is safe and built to be a true sea-galley. The high cockpit combing and great visibility while sailing are in keeping with the Outbound heritage established by the 46.

Designed with sight-lines and safety in mind, the 5360 cockpit is the best of its kind. While the dual helms are a deviation from her little sisters, it is clear this cockpit still has the characteristics that make the other boats so well regarded. Sailing controls area easily accessed from the helms, the visibility is excellent and the seat backs remain high. The cockpit was designed to be large but still safe. Access to the swim platform or forward to to the main salon is seamless. The 5360 cockpit is both safe offshore and spacious while entertaining in an anchorage.

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