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Hull Construction

The hull of the Outbound 46 and the Outbound 521 are built with 100% hand-laid solid fiberglass and the deck is vacuum bagged Divinycell for maximum rigidity. The Outbound 5360 uses a stiffer, vacuum bagged sandwich construction. All models use blister resistant vinylester resin and Ashland Maxguard premium grade ISO-NPG gelcoat which creates a hull of lasting beauty. Biaxial fiberglass knit and extra reinforcements in the bow and bilge sections offer superb impact resistance. In the unlikely event the hull is penetrated, a watertight bulkhead is laminated forward.

The Tim Kernan designed Outbound 521 and Outbound 5360 use bolt on keels which create high efficiency underwater profiles. Each of these keels is “keyed”, distributing the impact of any potential grounding throughout the main structure thus reducing any point loaded damage. The Outbound 46 uses a unique keel lamination system that was pioneered by the company over 20 years ago. The keel is laminated with the hull, eliminating the need for keel bolts. 6,500 pounds of lead ballast is then inserted into the fin, followed by a 3,500 lead bulb attached transversely.

Outbound construction is unlike today’s mass produced production boats. Each Outbound is individually strengthened with massive hand laminated floors, longitudinals, and stringers - not a mass produced drop-in liner. In addition to the added structural integrity, this allows for semi-custom interior arrangements and easy access to the hull itself. Bulkheads are securely bonded to the hull and deck, on their entire perimeter. All “furniture” is carefully tabbed in place, adding strength and rigidity to the entire structure. The hull and deck are securely bonded together with adhesive and bolts creating a stiff vessel that is secure in any environment.

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