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Moderate Beam, Freeboard, & Displacement

The entire lineup of Outbound Yachts bucks the trend of massive beam and freeboard that is seen on most sailboats built today. By sacrificing a little bit of interior volume in order to have a boat with moderate beam and freeboard creates better sailing boats. Less interior volume helps a sailboat sail on her lines and will be significantly more comfortable offshore. Buying a boat that was designed to perform in all sailing conditions pays dividends for owners who choose to test their boat’s abilities offshore and on passages.

By relying on exceptional design and not adding weight simply for stability, Outbound sailboats are able to maximize their sailing abilities. Each model is inherently heavier than many production boats because of the quality construction methods employed, and when the wind hits the sails, the transfer to hull speed is nearly immediate.

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Outbound Yachts are quality bluewater sailboats built for offshore cruising. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a showing.

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