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On Deck Safety

The best sailboats all have one thing in common; the attention to detail that is paid during design and build. Handrail placement, lifeline height, padeye placement, the ability to walk the deck in a seaway, the runs of lines, the ability to work at the mast, nonskid patterns, are all examples of the details that must be considered to create a safe deck.

Each Outbound yacht is designed with serious offshore sailing in mind. The benefits created by being able to move safely on deck during long offshore passages or even for a vigorous daysail are expected on true bluewater cruising yachts. When a voluntary sail change is desired forward, or the inevitable issue happens on deck while underway, each Outbound is designed so that owners can perform tasks with ease and be safe doing it.

Stainless Steel Double Lifelines

Lifelines are crucial for any sailboat, however, the subtle differences in lifelines do make a difference. The stanchions on Outbound sailboats are higher than required by most internationals standards. The top lifeline is therefore at a height that allows anyone on deck to grab the line or to lean into it without the fear of falling over it. The bottom lifeline is low enough to protect you from going overboard should you inadvertently fall to the deck. The stanchion bases are through-bolted, which provides added strength and stability and gives owners the confidence needed for safe offshore sailing.

Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Grab Rails

When walking on any Outbound deck, sailors can rely on jacklines secured through padeyes, but most importantly, there is always a strong handrail to grab. The inboard placement of handrails allows anyone on deck to move from the cockpit all the way to the mast with at least on hand on a well placed rail. These rails coupled with all of the other deck safety features are the details that make Outbound Yachts as safe as any cruising sailboat at sea.

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