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The best yacht designs are often not created by the biggest names. Large yacht design firms employ inexperienced draftspeople to do much of the heavy lifting. When Phil Lambert went to Carl Schumacher to refine his ideas of the perfect sailboat, he did so because he wanted attention paid to detail by a designer who knew how to create fast, strong boats. He wanted a designer that he could have a close relationship with and someone that would really dig into creating the very best boat, a true bluewater cruising sailboat that would withstand the test of time.

Carl Schumacher

The Outbound 46 was designed by the late Carl Schumacher, designer of the Alerion Express 28, Oyster’s Lightwave 48, the Express 27 and 37, and a large stable of custom racing yachts. Carl was selected for one reason ….he drew boats that sailed great. Schumacher successfully combined the moderate displacement required for cruising comfort with an efficient underbody needed to beat the weather, upwind performance, and excellent control. The decision to work with Carl paid off as the Outbound 46 may be the greatest boat of this length built in the last 20 years.

Tim Kernan

Fast forward ten years to the Outbound 521, and now twenty plus years to the latest Outbound model, the 5360, and we have the designs of Tim Kernan. Another California designer known for creating strong, fast boats. The 521 and the 5360 take into account the design brief of the 46 while considering the advancement in building techniques. Tim Kernan understands that a great cruising yacht has ample storage, is comfortable in a seaway but that it must also sail fast. Tim does not believe in sacrificing a sailboat’s ability for the sake of more interior volume.

The proof that the right decisions were made when selecting the designers is found in every aspect of each Outbound. They are safe on deck, comfortable at sea, and fast at every wind angle. Finally the lines of each design are beautifully balanced, giving the boats a look that hints at their exceptional sailing qualities.

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