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Semi Raised Salons

The Outbound 46 and the Outbound 521 each have semi-raised salons of varying degree. The 46 is cleverly designed to have excellent headroom throughout, but deviates from designs of her era by raising her sole just enough to allow visibility through the salon windows.

The 521 finds balance in a different direction. A slightly raised salon, that allows owners to benefit from being able to see out but does not push the envelope as many modern sailboat designs do with excessive freeboard. Because of this, her exterior lines remain unmarred by the “wedding cake” look of many center cockpit vessels and she still has excellent storage belowdecks.

The sleek 5360 is a true raised salon but strikes a balance not yet found on any long distance cruising yacht and will set the bar for sailboats of this size and style. Taking cues from both the 46 and the 521, she has clean lines and superb visibility from the helms. Inside, the 5360 offers an interior that features ocean views from anywhere in the salon and galley, as well as each of her cabins.

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