Proven Classic


A fast, easy-to-handle couple’s cruising boat that is capable of crossing all oceans in comfort and speed.


LOA: 46 ft 04 in
LWL: 40 ft 3 in
BEAM: 13 ft 6 in
DRAFT: 6 ft 6 in/5 ft 6 in
DISPLACEMENT: 28,000 lbs
BALLAST: 10,000 lbs
SAIL AREA: 1,083 sq ft

DESIGNER: Carl Schumacher




Yanmar 4JH80 Diesel
80 Horsepower


FUEL: 190 Gallons
FRESH WATER: 200 Gallons

The Outbound 46 was designed by the late Carl Schumacher (1949-2002), designer of the Alerion Express 28, Oyster’s Lightwave 48, the Express 27 and 37, and a large stable of custom racing yachts. We selected Carl for one reason …. he drew boats that sailed great. Schumacher successfully combined the moderate displacement required for cruising comfort with an efficient underbody needed to beat the weather, upwind performance, and excellent control.

Aboard the Outbound 46 you’ll be enjoying an interior that has been refined over 18 years, often by owner’s suggestions. The most drastic change came when the lazarette was moved to the starboard side and the quarter cabin to port behind the galley, allowing space for both a larger head with stall shower and a larger chart table. The forward sink has also been moved into the forward cabin itself. This allowed the holding tank to move into the head space and raise it providing gravity feed discharge, eliminating pumps and hose that were previously under the dinette seats, adding even more storage in the salon.

  • Solid 100% hand-laid fiberglass hull: still the preferred choice of serious cruisers
  • Lines by renowned racing yacht designer: weather beating performance and superior handling
  • Moderate displacement: dampened motion and offshore comfort
  • High Righting Moment: upwind performance
  • Large tanks centered over the keel: 200 gallons water, 190 gallons fuel
  • Long bulb keel molded with the hull: no keel bolts, deep bilge sump
  • Semi-raised salon: airy, family room style interior
  • Large, deep, and narrow cockpit: comfort and offshore safety
  • Short companionway: safe movement to and from the cabin
  • Watertight bulkhead 7 feet from bow: collision safety
  • Double Headstay Rig: BOC inspired for safety, performance, and versatility
  • Large Foredeck sail/stowage locker: keep wet gear away from living spaces
  • Dedicated liferaft locker: easy deployment, out of the way, off the deck
  • Large stowage capacity: All gear stowed safely in its place
  • Ventilation: 4 large dorades, solar vent, 10 opening ports, 8 deck hatches


Safety & Performance

Safety & Performance

Experienced sailors know the added safety that comes with good sailing performance. The ability to sail off a lee shore, shorten a passage to within the available weather window, safely maneuver through heavy seas, and a cockpit where you can “hunker down” safely when the going gets tough. Equally important is having the comfort required to avoid fatigue when heading offshore. A dry and comfortable cockpit, good visibility, and a forgiving motion are essential for a safe and enjoyable passage.



The Outbound 46 does not sacrifice cockpit size for increased interior space. The result is a large and comfortable, but functional and safe T-shaped cockpit. Six foot cockpit seats allow for entertaining or sleeping, wide coamings are comfortable for sitting outboard, and carefully designed high seat backs provide maximum comfort. The cockpit is long, narrow, and deep, so you’ll be safe offshore and comfortable while lounging around a quiet anchorage. The cockpit has proven to be exceptionally dry and well protected with excellent visibility.

Interior Spaces

Interior Spaces

The Outbound 46 interior offers a unique semi-raised salon that eliminates the “dark cave” feeling on most sailboats without losing the close interaction of the cockpit, galley, and salon, giving the interior of the Outbound a “family room” feel. Raising the house a few inches provides plenty of natural light below, space for 390 gallons of tank capacity in the middle of the boat, and a safe three step companionway.



The Outbound relies on heavy construction for its performance. Its sailing parameters are optimized for solid fiberglass construction strengthened by a massive structure. The weight of this strength is offset with a long waterline, moderate beam, easily driven lines, and proper weight distribution.

Exterior Video Tour

Exterior Video Tour

Click the video to watch Outbound’s Phil Lambert take you through a full exterior tour of the Outbound 46.

Interior Video Tour

Interior Video Tour

Outbound’s Phil Lambert takes you through an interior tour of the Outbound 46. Click the video to watch.

Specs & Details


The hull is 100% hand-laid solid fiberglass and the deck is vacuum bagged Divinycel for maximum rigidity. Blister resistant vinylester resin and Ashland Maxguard premium grade ISO-NPG gelcoat will guarantee a hull of lasting beauty. Biaxial fiberglass knit and extra reinforcements in the bow and bilge sections offer superb impact resistance. In the unlikely event the hull is penetrated, a watertight bulkhead is placed 7 feet from the bow.

The keel is laminated with the hull, eliminating the need for keel bolts. 6500 pounds of lead ballast is then inserted into the fin, followed by a 3500 lead bulb attached transversely, a unique system pioneered by Outbound Yachts 20 years ago.

The Outbound 46 construction is unlike most of today’s mass produced production boats. Each Outbound is individually strengthened with massive hand laminated floors, longitudinals, and stringers … not a mass produced drop-in liner. In addition to the added structural integrity, this allows for custom interior arrangements and easy access to the hull itself. Bulkheads are securely bonded to the hull and deck, on their entire perimeter. All “furniture” is carefully tabbed in place, adding strength and rigidity to the entire structure.

The hull and deck come together in an inward flange that is securely bonded with 3M 5200 polyurethane adhesive/sealant, thru-bolted on 4 inch centers, and finished with your choice of an aluminum or teak toe rail.

Hull & Deck

  • 100% hand-laid solid fiberglass hull lamination (schedule designed by Carl Schumacher, NA)
  • Vinylester resin in outer layers for superior blister resistance
  • Knitted bi-axial fiberglass cloth throughout lamination for added impact resistance
  • Additional hull reinforcement in bottom, turn of bilge, and bow sections
  • Ashland Max Guard brand ISO-NPG gelcoat for long lasting shine and durability
  • Boot and Cove stripes painted with fade resistant linear polyurethane paint
  • Heavy duty longitudinal/floor/mast step/engine bed system
  • All bulkheads, floors (athwartship stringers), and longitudinals bonded securely to hull while in the mold
  • All furniture bonded direct to hull and deck where appropriate for added strength
  • No-liner interior construction provides direct access to entire hull
  • Divinycell cored vacuum bagged deck lamination
  • Molded pyramid nonskid in Max Guard contrasting color “Moon Dust”
  • Deck fastened and sealed with 3M 5200 polyurethane adhesive/sealant and through-bolted on 4 inch centers to 3”inward molded flange integral to hull lamination
  • Antal aluminum toe rail through-bolted to hull deck joint (teak toerail optional)
  • Bulkheads securely bonded on their entire perimeter, hull and deck
  • Hull and keel molded as a single lamination to eliminate keel bolts and to provide 18 inch deep bilge sump
  • 6500 pound lead ballast inside molded keel shell laminated with the hull itself
  • 3500 pound lead bulb for maximum righting moment
  • Watertight bulkhead 7 feet from bow
  • Upper, lower, and intermediate shroud stainless steel chain plates through-bolted direct to main bulkhead, inboard for upwind sheeting angles
  • Epoxy barrier & two coats bottom paint.
  • Balanced spade rudder with 4 inch diameter stainless steel rudder post

Deck Features

The Outbound 46 deck has a large molded coaming forward of the companionway that provides a “breakwater” and anchoring point for a dodger. An instrument box is molded in the back of the coaming so instruments are visible from the entire cockpit and safely out of the way.

Access to the cabin is simplified with the elimination of a wide bridge deck, opting instead for a permanent 9″ threshold that can be stepped over with ease. The combination of no bridge deck and the semi-raised salon makes moving between the cockpit and cabin safe for everyone. Just four steps down, not a steep ladder. Drop boards can be locked in place in heavy weather and a semi-open transom allows for rapid cockpit drainage if the cockpit fills.

A large foredeck locker provides stand-up access to the chain locker and great stowage for the asymmetrical spinnaker. Together with the giant cockpit lazarette, liferaft, propane, and stern anchor lockers there is plenty of space for dinghies, sails, and other toys without obstructing the decks.

Double lifelines are fitted to 30″ high stainless steel stanchions, leading to a stout custom polished stainless anchor sprit with double anchor rollers.

The foredeck of the Outbound 46 has a molded 3 inch bulwark topped with the aluminum or teak toe rail.


  • Minimal exterior teak for easy maintenance (teak toe rail optional)
  • T shaped cockpit with long seats for sleeping and lounging outside
  • Diamond nonskid on cockpit seats to reduce clothing chafe
  • 32 inch high helmsman “Bishop Seat” for comfortable offshore driving
  • Molded 3 inch foredeck bulwark topped by 2.5 inch toe rail for offshore safety
  • Primary winches located in easy reach of helmsman
  • 32 inch wide transom opening for easy access to transom swim/boarding platform and to provide instant cockpit drainage
  • 30” high 1.25” diameter lifeline stanchions with 316 stainless steel 1×19 double lifelines
  • Upper (1/4”) and lower (3/16”) 1×19 stainless steel lifelines
  • 6 Pelican hook boarding gates: port, starboard, and aft
  • 1.25” diameter stainless steel stern pulpit surrounds entire cockpit
  • Large cockpit lazarette for easy access stowage and to provide ventilation and light for servicing auxiliary equipment installed under the cockpit
  • Life raft stowage box (30”x16”x12”) under helm seat for easy deployment
  • 4 Wichard folding safety harnesses padeyes installed in cockpit
  • USCG approved stowage locker for 2 20# aluminum propane tanks (1 tank provided)
  • Recessed engine control in seat back adjacent to pedestal controls, acrylic cover
  • Stainless steel grab rails within continuous reach along cabin top
  • Four stainless steel dorade vent guards and cowls mounted on molded deck boxes
  • Molded sea hood with integral instrument box in easy view of entire cockpit
  • Large dodger breakwater for easy dodger design and installation, molded pass through for lines led to cockpit
  • Seven Lewmar tinted acrylic Ocean hatches (2 size 60, 6 size 10)
  • Stainless steel swim/man overboard boarding ladder
  • Six 12 inch stainless steel mooring cleats mounted on stainless rub plates
  • Large bow sail/deck gear locker with watertight bulkhead and easy access to anchor rode.
  • Work bench, 6 drawers, cabinet in lazarette
  • Fiberglass drop boards for stern opening

Sailing Hardware

The standard Outbound is rigged with a keel stepped, double spreader, double headstay Selden rig. The inner forestay is set three feet aft of the headstay, allowing it to be used for upwind and heavy air sails. The headstay is rigged with Furlex roller furling and a North Sails furling genoa. The inner headstay is rigged with either a Wichard ratchet pelican hook at the deck allowing it to be brought aft to the mast, or an optional second roller furling unit.

The yacht comes standard with Selden MDS cars, North Sails full batten main, and lazy jacks. We have also delivered Outbounds with Leisurefurl in-boom mainsail furling.

Clear anodized finished mast and boom, solid boom vang, spinnaker pole track, topping lift, main halyard, genoa halyard, staysail halyard, spinnaker halyards(2), and internal reef lines led aft to the cockpit are standard. The mast is fit with 2 Lewmar 40 self tailing chrome winches and Lewmar stoppers for the spinnaker and genoa halyards. White powder coat is optional.

Standard deck hardware is Lewmar. The main traveler is mounted on the cabin forward of the companionway, Lewmar 64 self tailing chrome primary winches are located within easy reach of the helm, and utility winches are mounted on each side of the companionway for the main halyard, reef lines, and jib halyard.

Sailing Hardware

  • Keel stepped Selden double spreader mast with 316 stainless steel 1X19 continuous standing rigging
  • Internal mast wiring conduits
  • 2 mast mounted Lewmar 40 STC, two speed self-tailing chrome winches
  • Split backstay for easy access to transom
  • Selden full batten mainsail MDS cars
  • Dyneema main, genoa & solent halyards
  • Low stretch spinnaker halyard & main topping lift
  • Main halyard led to cockpit – Lewmar rope clutch
  • Mainsheet led to cabin top – Lewmar rope clutch
  • Two main reef lines led to cockpit – Lewmar rope clutch
  • Lazy Jacks
  • Spinnaker pole mast track and topping lift (spinnaker pole and car optional)
  • Selden Furlex 400 Genoa roller furler system
  • 4 Schaefer “Clear Step” furling lead blocks
  • Genoa furling line led to stopper near helm
  • 2 Primaries  68 STC, two speed self-tailing chrome winches
  • 2 Mainsheet/halyard/reef on house 48 STC, two speed self-tailing chrome winches
  • Lewmar Ocean 3 mainsheet traveler with 4:1 control lines and Harken cam cleats
  • 13 feet Lewmar Ocean 3 Genoa Track (port & starboard)
  • 2 Lewmar Ocean 3 Genoa lead blocks with plunger pins
  • 2 Lewmar end stop sheet leads
  • 2 Lewmar Ocean deck organizers – 4 sheaves
  • Genoa sheets, main sheet
  • Selden Rodkicker boom vang with control line led to cockpit – Lewmar rope clutch
  • Windex 15 spar fly on masthead
  • 2 Lewmar 10-inch lock in Power Grip winch handle
  • 2 Winch handle pockets


  • North Sails dacron full batten Main
  • North Sails dacron 140% Genoa
  • Sunbrella mainsail cover


  • No bridgedeck design for easy access to and from cockpit and cabin
  • Three acrylic storm drop boards
  • Hinged cabin doors with key lock – removable for sailing
  • Three step, 19” wide companionway for easy and safe access to cabin
  • Dust trap at base of companionway with teak grate


  • Lewmar Cobra Enguard pedestal direct drive steering with friction brake
  • 44” diameter Destroyer stainless wheel with leather cover
  • 5” Ritchie Globemaster SP-5C Pedestal mounted steering compass
  • Stainless steel emergency tiller

Ground Tackle

  • Divided self draining chain locker easily accessible from forward stowage locker
  • Custom stainless double anchor roller
  • Molded scupper aft of bow roller to catch water brought aboard with anchor chain
  • Lewmar V4 Windlass with capstan
  • Lewmar handheld windless remote control
  • 200 feet 5/16 Hi test anchor chain
  • Rocna 33 anchor
  • 6 – 12” stainless steel mooring cleats
  • Four Taylor fenders
  • 4 – 35’ golden braid pre-spliced dock lines

Interior Overview

The port side of the standard interior starts with a large quarter cabin that includes a 48″ wide double berth with spacious headroom. Forward of the stateroom is a U-shaped galley with Corian counters, polished stainless sink, Force 10 stove, and large refer/freezer with optional front opening door. Forward of the galley is a large dinette that doubles as a double berth (option). Just steps from the companionway to starboard is a large head with separate stall shower that doubles as a wet locker, followed by a large forward facing chart table, then a 7′ settee that has been widened to feel more like your favorite couch than a traditional yacht settee. The settee and outboard side of the dinette make excellent sea berths with lee cloths provided standard.

The heads are molded fiberglass for easy cleaning with Corian counters.

Forward of the mast is the owner’s stateroom with a centerline double berth for the ultimate comfort while at anchor or at the dock. A second head, hanging locker, and storage lockers complete the cabin. The centerline bunk is hinged to provide easy access to massive stowage for off-season clothing and gear and the space above the drawers is perfect for folded charts.

The engine is located under the hinged companionway for easy maintenance. Access to the generator, refrigeration, steering, and other machinery is available either through the cockpit hatch or from inside the cabin.

The boat was designed around a 3 step companionway, not a steep and unsafe ladder.

The interior elegance is completed with teak and holly cabin sole with locking access ports, removable overhead panels of white padded vinyl, and a yacht style hand-crafted feeling that is lost on many of today’s production boats.

Interior Features

  • Semi-raised salon design to provide long term liveaboard comfort
  • 6’4” headroom
  • Semi-custom designed interiors
  • American Cherry or Maple interior – (teak optional)
  • Satin interior varnish, 5 coats
  • Varnished Teak and Holly cabin sole
  • Generous handholds throughout interior
  • Positive locking floorboards
  • Positive locking locker buttons
  • Louvered doors and cabinet doors for ventilation
  • Mobella door handles
  • 10 Lewmar Ocean portlights
  • 9 Lewmar Ocean hatches (6 size 00, 2 size 60’s, 1 size 65)
  • 4 dorades with internal closures and deck plates
  • Padded vinyl removable overhead panels with traditional matching trim throughout overhead

Main Salon

  • Semi-raised salon provides excellent natural lighting
  • Dining table (drop down optional)
  • 7 foot rectangular dinette designed so outboard bench can be used as a sea berth
  • 7 foot straight couch style settee (doubles as starboard midships sea berth)
  • Fold down cocktail table in center of settee with bottle stowage outboard
  • Ergonomically designed foam cushions with lumbar and thigh support
  • Choice of Sunbrella fabric cushions (Ultraleather or Ultrasuede optional)
  • Storage compartments accessed through hinged and positive locking doors behind settee and dinette backs
  • Generous storage under dinette and settee
  • Padded vinyl removable overhead panels with traditional matching trim throughout overhead
  • Lewmar tinted acrylic Ocean hatch over table
  • 4 LED reading lamps at each corner of settee and dinette
  • Two Hella Fan


  • U-Shaped galley for safe offshore use
  • Corian counters with 2” fiddles featuring integral hand holds
  • Three burner Force 10 propane stove with thermostatically controlled oven
  • Polished stainless stove crash bar with welded eyes for cook’s safety belt
  • Slide away cutting board stove top cover
  • Scandvik polished stainless steel double 8” deep sink
  • Scandvik faucet assembly
  • Frigoboat 12V refrigerator/freezer system with double top opening & front door
  • Refrigerator/freezer – 5 cubic feet
  • 5 drawers, sliding trash bin, tambour cabinet, and louvered lockers
  • Large dedicated food pantry under counter
  • Remote propane shutoff switch
  • One Hella Fan

Navigation Station

  • Forward facing chart table located adjacent to companionway for easy cockpit communication/watch standing
  • Inset storage tray outboard of chart table for books, hand bearing compass, binoculars, etc.
  • Drawer unit including file drawer for ships papers
  • Instrument box located forward and above chart table surface
  • Hinged custom electrical panel for ease of access
  • AC and DC volt and amp meters, battery monitor, and auto bilge pump switch custom built into panel
  • LinkLite (Xantrex) battery monitor for house bank
  • Aquasignal chart lights (2 – one red, one white)
  • 12V utility & USB plugs
  • One Hella Fan

Forward Cabin

  • Centerline Double
  • Large hanging locker
  • Drawer storage under bunk
  • 5” foam mattress
  • Sliding storage lockers above bunk
  • LED reading lamps over bunk
  • One Lewmar 60 Ocean hatch
  • Dorade with inside closure
  • 5 Opening ports
  • 12V USB plug
  • Two Hella Fans

Forward Head

  • Fiberglass molded shower
  • Corian counters
  • Scandvik faucet
  • Scandvik bulkhead mounted Hand-held shower
  • Scandvik Stainless steel sink
  • Raritan PHII head with overboard/holding tank plumbed for fresh and sea water
  • Dorade with inside closure

Aft Cabin

  • 45” wide quarter berth, 5” foam mattress
  • 2 drawers under bunk.
  • Hanging locker and 4 shelf locker
  • Sliding storage lockers over bunk
  • Open stowage shelf for personal items at head of bunk
  • Three opening ports
  • One Lewmar Ocean hatch
  • Two LED reading lamps
  • One Imtra Red/White LED Dome light
  • 12V USB plug
  • One Hella Fan

Aft Head

  • Seamless fiberglass construction from cabin sole to counter for easy cleaning
  • Polished Corian counter tops with Corian fiddle.
  • Large molded stall shower with molded seat and shower
  • Scandvik Stainless steel sink
  • Scandvik faucet
  • Raritan PHII head with overboard/holding tank, plumbed for fresh and sea water


  • Yanmar 4JH80 80 HP freshwater cooled diesel
  • Yanmar C-Type engine control panel and alarms located adjacent to helm
  • Waterlift muffler with 3” diameter exhaust hose
  • Racor 500FG fuel filter
  • Bronze seawater strainer
  • Lewmar single lever shift and throttle control mounted on pedestal
  • Morse engine control cables
  • 1.5 inch stainless steel propeller shaft
  • 3 blade bronze 21 X 13 propeller
  • Hinged companionway stairs and two hinged/lift off side panels provide full access to engine
  • Engine compartment sound insulation
  • Engine compartment utility light
  • 190 gallons of fuel capacity in four FRP tanks located under the cabin sole over the keel
  • Fuel tanks vent to midship stanchions – well above waterline when heeled
  • Fuel supply, fuel return, water manifolds, and battery switches located in dedicated locker for easy operation and monitoring


  • Corrosion resistant tinned copper wire
  • Marinco 110 volt / 30 amp shore power cord and deck fitting.
  • 50’ Marinco 30 Amp shore power cord
  • Ten 110 volt electrical outlets
  • Blue Seas E Series on/off/combine switch for house and engine batteries
  • House battery bank system includes 8 – Group 31 AGM batteries (920 total  amp hours)
  • Balmar Duocharge for automatic house and engine battery segregation.
  • Vicrton Energy MultiPlus 12/3000/120 inverter/charger with remote panel
  • Group 27 AGM engine starting battery
  • Custom backlit electrical panel with AC/DC amperage and voltage display, battery monitor,
  • Link 10 house battery monitor
  • Electrical panel hinged for easy access
  • 12V utility & USB plugs at chart table, companionway & helm
  • 12V USB plugs in forward & aft cabin
  • Copper ground strap glassed to hull at waterline for optional SSB ground plane
  • Wiring led clear of bilge where possible


  • Aquasignal Series 32 LED Bow, Stern, Anchor lights
  • Aquasignal Steaming and Deck light combo
  • Imtra LED white/red dome style interior lighting
  • Courtesy/safety lighting throughout the cabin sole
  • Individual LED reading lamps in each cabin
  • Task lighting in engine compartment, lazarette, and forward sail/chain locker
  • Automatic locker lights in hanging and pantry lockers


  • 200 gallon fresh water capacity in two tanks located under the cabin sole, over the keel
  • 11 gallon Isotherm stainless steel hot water heater
  • 12 volt fresh water pump with accumulator tank
  • 12 volt fresh water back-up pump
  • Deck/anchor wash down pump, plumbed for fresh and sea water
  • Rule 2000 electric bilge pump with float switch
  • Rule 2000 upper electric bilge pump with float switch
  • Helm mounted Whale Gusher 10 manual bilge pump
  • Cabin mounted Whale Gusher 10 manual bilge pump
  • Bronze flush mounted through hulls with sea cocks, labeled for easy identification
  • Transom mounted hot and cold fresh water shower
  • FRP holding tank (approximately 30 Gallons), gravity feed overboard discharge(aft head)
  • FRP holding tank (approximately 20 Gallons), macerator pump for overboard discharge (fwd head)
  • Deck discharge for both heads
  • Tank Watch holding tank indicator (2)
  • Odor resistant hose used for head plumbing
  • Toilets plumbed for fresh and sea water

Safety Gear

  • 3 USCG approved 10A-BC fire extinguishers
  • 1 USCG approved flare kit
  • 6 USCG approved life jackets
  • 1 USCG approved throwable life cushion

Specifications subject to change without notice.02-21