Experienced sailors know the added safety that comes with good sailing performance. The ability to sail off a lee shore, shorten a passage to within the available weather window, safely maneuver through heavy seas, and a cockpit where you can “hunker down” safely when the going gets tough.

Equally important is having the comfort required to avoid fatigue when heading offshore. A dry and comfortable cockpit, good visibility, and a forgiving motion are essential for a safe and enjoyable passage.

For the Outbound 46 we started with a moderate beamed, moderate displacement hull that can easily find its “groove.” Then, we raised the house a few inches to give space for 190 gallons of diesel and 200 gallons of water under the cabin sole, low and in the center of the boat, adding to the righting moment and keeping harmful weight out of the ends. This also allowed us to increase the height of the windows to fill the cabin with natural light and opened spaces under settees and bunks for massive stowage. Where other boats have tanks the Outbound has storage. The result is a great sailing, very comfortable yacht with massive stowage and tankage required for a safe and enjoyable offshore passage.

Finally, the Outbound 46 features a walk in lazarette with work bench and washer/dryer(option) prompting the often heard comment at boat shows …. “the boat with the work shop.”

Key Features

  • Solid 100% hand-laid fiberglass hull: still the preferred choice of serious cruisers
  • Lines by renowned racing yacht designer: weather beating performance and superior handling
  • Moderate displacement: dampened motion and offshore comfort
  • High Righting Moment: upwind performance
  • Large tanks centered over the keel: 200 gallons water, 190 gallons fuel
  • Long bulb keel molded with the hull: no keel bolts, deep bilge sump
  • Semi-raised salon: airy, family room style interior
  • Large, deep, and narrow cockpit: comfort and offshore safety
  • Short companionway: safe movement to and from the cabin
  • Watertight bulkhead 7 feet from bow: collision safety
  • Double Headstay Rig: BOC inspired for safety, performance, and versatility
  • Large Foredeck sail/stowage locker: keep wet gear away from living spaces
  • Dedicated liferaft locker: easy deployment, out of the way, off the deck
  • Large stowage capacity: All gear stowed safely in its place
  • Ventilation: 4 large dorades, solar vent, 10 opening ports, 8 deck hatches
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