SV Georgia – Outbound 44, Hull #10 Completes Circumnavigation

June 16, 2022

Outbound 44 Georgia anchored in a remote atoll in the Maldives, in the middle of the Indian Ocean

Congratulations to Paul and Chris who just completed a circumnavigation on their Outbound 44, Hull #10 – Georgia. They departed Grenada in 2014 on a journey that brought them across the Pacific to New Zealand and Australia. After spending the lockdown in Malaysia, they crossed the Indian Ocean, rounded Cape Town, South Africa and crossed the Southern Atlantic. After 8 years and 37,000 nautical miles, they closed the loop upon arriving back in Grenada in April.

Couldn’t pick a better monohull to do it in than an Outbound.

Georgia passing Cape Agulhas, South Africa with Paul pointing at the Indian Ocean and Chris pointing at the South Atlantic Ocean

Prior to their sail around the world, Paul and Chris spent the previous 4 years cruising from the Pacific Northwest, through the Panama Canal and up the East Coast. They departed Nova Scotia in 2012 aboard their Outbound and cruised the Caribbean before heading out on their trip around the globe. All in all, over the past 12 years they have sailed an estimated 57,000 nautical miles and traveled to about 39 countries. What an incredible journey!

Paul and Chris have sailed to approximately 39 countries and 57,000 nautical miles over the last 12 years.

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